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Thanks for visiting! This blog is for my family, inspired by my children, Chris, Andy, and Daria; where much of my inspiration in life comes from! I wanted to share the information I have in an organized way. The ancestry stories I have are from my grandmother Ruth, Aunt Pat, and mother Judy. I gathered…

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Enjoy your day today, Mom. Here are 2 quick links for you: Video: A Sculptor from Verona, by Cathy Orlando, and Podcast: The Eternal Mourner of Cuttingsville, by Tom Burby. For more context on the Eternal Mourner, check out the Turini statues discussed on my page, The Bowman Family Mausoleum.

Great Statue Stories

Old Statues, New Stories. Stories that assign new meanings – stories that the onlooker brings to the statues of Giovanni Turini. Enjoy the following: The Missing Caracas Columbus The Bowman Family Mausoleum, VT The Liberator (El Libertador) in Lobatera Tachira, Venezuela (coming soon) The Fight for Liberty, the Statue Garibaldi’s Fans in Greenwich Village, NY

Giovanni Turini – A Guide

A Guide to what’s included on my blog for Giovanni: The post, In Search of Statues, is the article I wrote to start my blog project. Watch the video I created, A Sculptor from Verona. See Turini’s family in the family tree, Turini’s in the Tree. Check out my Art of Giovanni Turini page that…

Celtiberian History References

While looking for more information on the Spanish connection on my father’s side of the family, I found some interesting information about the historical connections between (what is now) Ireland and (what is now) Spain. I’ll list a few interesting bits I found: Did the Irish come from Spain? Celtiberians Charles V[a] (24 February 1500 –…

Verona Burkhard

I love this portrait of Verona. Be sure to check out the separate page here called The Art of Verona Burkhard, which shows some of her artwork, and links to biographical information, a PBS video, and an oral history interview with her!

Turini’s in the Tree

Below is an excerpt from the family tree I started. It’s located on . Click here to view it on that website. Alice Shine Orlando is circled here, and her husband is off the margin of the image, as are her other children, my three aunts: Patricia, Donna, and MaryBeth. My Spanish Connection post…

The Elusive Spanish Connection

Last May, 2018 I worked on the family tree by using I was able to research and confirm dates and names, but my information stops where the Atlantics crossings began. One of our burning questions has been “Who is our Spanish royalty connection?” Is it through my paternal grandmother, Alice (Shine) Orlando? (Back to…

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. — Richard Bach

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I listen to Thistle Radio throughout my week and I thought you might enjoy listening to it today and any day!

In Search of Statues

Video: A Sculptor from Verona, by Cathy Orlando Giovanni Turini was my great, great grandfather on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. He was the ancestor I had the most anecdotal information about; every year or so I’d search on the internet and find a picture of Giovanni’s statue of General Garibaldi and the…